2022 Annual General Meeting

Geelong West Neighbourhood House held their 2022 Annual General Meeting. Please find below reports from The GWNH Coordinator, and the two Co-Chairs.

2022 Coordinator’s AGM Report

It has been so good to see the lifting of restrictions due to Covid this year and see so many people return to Neighbourhood House activities and once again be out and about connecting with community.

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GWNH AGM 2022 Coordinator's Report

2022 Co-Chair David Kearney’s Report 

I would like to begin by thanking and acknowledging the work of the 2022 Committee and Co-ordinator. I’d like to thank departing Committee members, Moira Donovan, Lyn Morrison and Pam Virgona. I’d also like to make special mention and acknowledgement of Pam’s long history with GWNH and thank her for her role over this year as co-Chair.

We are all aware of the challenges of the past few years. As we returned to relative normal business this year, unsurprisingly, we faced some new and some different challenges.

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GWNH AGM 2022 Co-Chair David Kearney's Report

2022 Co-Chair Pam Virgona’s Report 

It’s a pleasure to be able to present this Report for 2022. 

I’m extremely grateful that David Kearney agreed to stay on and co share with me the role of Chairperson. This has allowed us to follow up on projects as they presented according to our skills, time and interests.

It has been an opportunity to share the responsibilities of leadership without them becoming too much of a burden – given that all of us are retired and have other interests in life to pursue.

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GWNH AGM 2022 Co-Chair Pam Virgona's Report