Geelong West Neighbourhood House

Celebrating Diversity, Building Community

About Us

Geelong West Neighbourhood House is a member of the Barwon Network of Neighbourhood Centres, and an affiliate member of the Association of Neighbourhood Learning Centres.

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What is a Neighbourhood House / Community Centre?

Neighbourhood Houses are part of a social movement that begin in the 1970s. The movement now has 400 Neighbourhood Houses throughout Victoria Australia and the number continues to grow, responding to community need.

Neighbourhood Houses are special, because they are owned and managed for and by the local community. Everyone involved can share in decision making.

Neighbourhood Houses have special atmosphere. They are places of welcome, where anyone can come to make new friends, participate in community life and share learnings.

Neighbourhood Houses differ from one another; however they all encourage personal growth, self help and knowledge sharing. They work together in informal and formal partnerships with other community organizations, enriching the quality of life for community members.