Community Arts Projects

In 2022, Geelong Neighbourhood House offered a series of exciting Community Arts Projects. These were called  Buildings of Pako, The Growling Grass Frog and Balyang Sanctuary. In partnership with Geelong West Library they have been successfully exhibited and open to public viewing at the library. The Balyang Sanctuary artworks are currently on display at Geelong West Library.
Community Art Project One – Buildings of Pako 
During this project, participants learned the basics of perspective drawing and then used pen and wash to make their artwork come alive.  This project opened their eyes to where they lived and then took participants through the entire process from first marks on a page to framed artwork. They learned how to draw and render buildings and then how to paint with watercolour.  The history of each building was researched and presented with the artworks for exhibition at the Geelong West Library.
Community Art Project Two – The Growling Grass Frog
This project highlighted the endangered species, the Growling Grass frog which is local to our region.  Working in watercolour, participants made drawings from reference photos before using wet in wet techniques to create individual panels depicting frogs in their habitat.  These were then exhibited as an eye-catching and informative group display at Geelong West Library.
Community Art Project Three – Balyang Sanctuary
The Balyang Sanctuary project was inspired by the parkland, trees, lakes, birds,  other wildlife and people visiting and living at Balyang Sanctuary which is a public park situated in Newtown. In this Community Arts Project, participants worked from photographic references taken when visiting the sanctuary. The artists chose the subjects and mediums for the work they created.  These choices are reflected in the vibrant and varied artworks currently on display at Geelong West Library.
Take a look at our YouTube video of our next exciting project
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